That’s Lush That Is

Since I went 100% cruelty free in the new year, I have relied more and more on Lush to provide me with exceptional products that I don’t need to research beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge Lush fan before the change, however, it is only recently I have started trying their shampoos, cleansers and even their newer makeup line. With a the UK’s first naked Lush store opening in Manchester, and the world’s biggest Lush opening in Liverpool, I am truly in a lucky position where I live right between two incredible, industry changing stores. One of the incredible staff members also let me know during my last visit to the naked Lush store, that many of the newer products are sent to the naked stores around the world to get feedback before being rolled out to all the other stores around the world, so it’s always worth checking if you have one near to get your hands on mega limited edition items. The new Lush Liverpool store also has hundreds of exclusives, and as far as I am aware stocks every single Lush product available globally (which is a lot). It also boasts a Lush spa, a hair bar, a cafe, a party area and loads more; I seriously cannot wait to go and explore it for myself!

In celebration of Lush, I wanted to share my favourite Lush items and some of the newer items you may not have been able to try yourselves yet.

7 to 3 Face Wipe

7 to 3 is a compact, naked version of the 9 to 5 cleansing cream, which is reusable and 100% packaging free! Even if you don’t manage to use the whole thing, the remainder of the wipe is biodegradable and will not get clogged up in any fat lumps in which typical face wipes are a huge contributor to. Not only is it an incredible cleanser, it is also able to remove light makeup, including some mascaras and lip colours. This naked version of the cleanser also acts as a gentle exfoliate which the original 9 to 5 doesn’t! I have only used my cleanser twice so far, but looking at the reviews the product itself lasts a lot longer than advised, especially if you’re not using it for makeup removal. Most shop assistants say that one wipe will last a week, but many people are reporting the wipes lasting 3. 3 weeks’ cleansing for £2 is an absolute steal!

7 to 3 cleansing wipe.PNG
7 to 3 Cleansing Wipe – £2 each

Wash Cards

The wash cards in Lush, I feel, are massively overlooked. The small cards are made from apple pulp and, again, and fully plastic free. You break a little off the full card, rub it all over your body in the shower and it acts as a long lasting perfume which can last for a couple of days (great for festival season in my opinion). They come in every single famous Lush scent, and whist Vanillary is a firm favourite, I have absolutely fallen in love with the new Goddess range, which includes wash cards. They’re the perfect way to turn a quick shower into something more indulgent, and are perfect for taking on flights as a liquid-free alternative to a hand wash or antiseptic gels, just snap a little off and you can use it as a luxury hand wash soap. Being solid, you can also avoid those awkward suitcase spillages mid-flight.

Goddess Washcard.PNG
Goddess Wash Card – £2 each

Shower Bombs

I would jump in a shower over a bath any day, but it does make me a little jealous of the people who love an indulgent bath with bombs and oils. Lush have absolutely revolutionised my showers and granted me luxury with the new shower bombs. Made from potato starch, the bombs are best used when broken up and run over the shower head, they then fluff up and you can use them as a post-wash luxury. I found that the ingredients seriously softened my skin too, and acted almost like the body conditioners Lush also do. My favourite is the Sleepy shower bomb which smells exactly the same as the cream with the same name which has a huge cult following. If I use the sleepy shower bomb with the sleepy body cream the night before a big event or if I have been struggling with sleep, I am guaranteed to have an easy drift off (which for me isn’t easy). For those who aren’t familiar with the scent, it’s not as heavy in lavender as other sleep aid products, although it is still there, but there are also notes of tonka bean and ylang ylang.

Sleepy Shower Bomb.PNG
Sleepy Shower Bomb – £2.75 each

Linnet Glow Stick

Lush’s makeup range is relatively new and isn’t yet stocked everywhere, but during my trip to the Lush Manchester store, I was able to have a play with the new glow sticks, Lush’s naked solid highlighters. I was absolutely stunned by the pigment and payoff from one tiny swipe, they are seriously glowy and probably the best highlighter I have seen from a high street store. They recommend applying with a fluffy brush if you’re looking for an everyday glow, but if you want some stunning shine, to apply directly to the skin and pat to blend. I have found other highlighting sticks to be way to creamy and solid to swipe across my face after applying foundation and concealer, and even with a heavy setting powder, I have found that my makeup slides as the highlighter is applied, I therefore usually stick to powder formulas, however, this stick is so lightweight and applies just like a powder, so I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest about applying it directly.  The shade Linnet is perfect for me as it has a peachy undertone and isn’t too strobe-like, however, there are tonnes of shades to choose from! I didn’t actually pick this product up, however, I will be making a beeline for it when I next head to the naked Lush shop in Manchester.

Linnet Glow Stick.PNG
Glow Stick in Linnet – £11.95 each

Which Lush products are you dying to try? Let me know what to pick up on my next trip in the comments!

Emily x


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