The Playlist Rundown: January

January’s playlist was HUGE and the perfect way to kick off the year in style. I honestly can’t remember one of my monthly playlists being so long since I started making them 3/4 years ago. This particular playlist had over 2 and a half hours worth of music that kept me bopping all the way through the most depressing month of the year. I’m happy to say a lot of the songs have already crossed over into the February playlist, and it is looking like I’ve have a just as slamming playlist to share with you this time next month which is mega exciting. I hope you enjoy these tracks as much I did!

Play – Jax Jones & Years & Years

It’s mad to think that I hated Years & Years when I first heard them. It was just after they released King and I just didn’t get it. Didn’t like the song, didn’t like them, and that was it. My mum ended up being massively into them because they reminded her of the times when she would go to Canal Street in Manchester with her best friend, Pete. The amount she listened to them in car, around the house, whilst cooking seriously infuriated me; but one day it just clicked and I have loved them ever since. I can’t even remember which song it was that made me fall in love with them anymore, and I even got over my hatred of King! I think this collaboration with Jax Jones is amazing, and just like my mum, it seriously makes me crave a good night out with good friends and loads of dancing. It seriously cured my January blues.

Don’t Cry – Emarosa

As far as I am aware, Emarosa do not have much of a fan base in the UK, but have loads of support in the US, where they have played Warped Tour previously and have been quite marketed. I was totally unaware of the lack of support for the band in the UK until I found out they were playing tiny club shows on their most recent tour over here. Don’t Cry is their latest single, and I think people who aren’t even into rock music can get into it. The song is pretty anthemic and you could definitely hear it being played in stadiums and arenas the world over. It is incredibly different from some of their older material which was a lot heavier and not as accessible for those who aren’t as into the heavier side of rock. I would describe their new sound as rock with an indie twist, and it is interesting to see where the band is going. If you get the chance to see them before they blow up, jump at it!

Take My Country Back – Enter Shikari

Take My Country Back comes from Enter Shikari’s latest and possibly most notable album, The Spark. It has come at a time when the world seems to be in absolute turmoil and everything seems to be going wrong, especially with Brexit in the UK. I have seen this song as an anthem to get me and other Shikari fans through Brexit with the lyric ‘don’t want to take my country back, just want to take my country forward’, which I know is a shared thought with a lot of us remain voters. We don’t care about the ‘reclamation’ of our country, but to move it forward, providing more money for the NHS and education rather than funding talks and the divorce bill from Brussels. If you’re looking for a song to make you feel passionately about politics, or maybe to see Brexit from the inside (if you’re not from the UK), this is the song for you.

Hazy Shade of Winter – Gerard Way ft. Ray Toro

I adore the original version of Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles, so when Gerard Way (my emo hero) covered the track for the upcoming Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy, I was absolutely floored. The cover doesn’t stray too far from the original which is already quite dark, but adds a truly emo flair which only former-MCR band members could do. I also think it’s great that Gerard has done the track for the series, as it is based on his own comic book which he released not long after My Chemical Romance broke up; it has really been a long time coming for emo fans. The haunting song is made even better by Gerard Way teaming up with former-band mate Ray Toro – it’s not quite an MCR reunion, but it is much better than anything we have had recently. If you were a fan of the band back in the day, you really need to give this a stream or two.

Mother Tongue – Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon’s new album, amo, was released right at the end of the month and was highly anticipated by BMTH fans all over the globe. Many older fans of the band who preferred the heavier vocals and riff synonymous with the band’s album Suicide Season were highly disappointed, however, I feel it is important to recognise the band’s growth over the years and various places they have sought inspiration for the album. Blending electro with rock and rap and every other musical element you could think of has made for a breathtaking masterpiece of an album. Mother Tongue was the last single released before the album and gave fans a real view of what to expect. It’s hard to pick a favourite from the album, but this is definitely up there in my rankings. The catchy chorus and emotional vocals from Oli Sykes are absolutely out of character for BMTH but really makes me excited for this new era.

Have I missed any of your favourites out? Who bought you into 2019 in style? Let me know in the comments!

Emily x

Featured Image by Simon Noh on Unsplash

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