Blogmas Day 24: The Final Countdown

I can’t believe it’s my final Blogmas post of 2018 – what a month it has been! This has been the first time in a long time that I have set out to do a time-sensitive challenge and actually completed it, so I have to admit that I am pretty proud of myself. The last time I attempted it was an art challenge through an app called Sktchy, but I gave up on around day 19 when I got too bored, and found something else to do (typical BPD). I’m really happy with the outcome of Blogmas too, I have found out a lot about myself and that I can actually achieve something if I put my mind to it.

There have been so many days when I have been tired out of my mind and thought ‘ahh one day won’t matter’, but pushed through and sat up blogging at 11pm just to make sure I got something posted. I did plan on bulk-writing content when I had time, but it made my content quite stale and boring, so for most of Blogmas I have actually been writing and posting on the day, which has been a challenge in itself but I have totally managed to do it. I also didn’t realise that by blogging every single day, you really start struggling for fresh content ideas without ripping off someone else or posting something short with no context at all. Next year (because I will definitely be doing Blogmas 2019) I will stick to my plan better to make sure that I don’t fall into this trap, and also to make sure I do more than rush around like a headless turkey for most of December.

I haven’t really been able to promote my blog posts as much as I would have liked during Blogmas (I think I promoted 2 maximum), but I was shocked that my organic traffic has picked up on it’s own! I have some fabulous new followers (hi guys) and been able to discover some great new blogs myself. After giving up on blogging a few years ago, I really struggled with the idea of coming back into the blogging community as I had worked hard to connect with other bloggers and ensure I was talking to my peers, however, I’ll admit I did go cold on them when I fell out of love with writing. It’s lovely to see that my peers from across the globe are reading my content and providing support. You guys got me through Blogmas this year and I can’t wait to do it again in 2019.

I will probably go off the radar this week while I spend time with my family and friends, getting drunk and eating tonnes of amazing food. I just want to say thank you again for everyone who’s shown support, read my content and given me a like during the Blogmas period, it’s meant a lot. For now, have a lovely Christmas and an amazing New Year. See you all in 2019.

Emily x

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