Blogmas Day 23: Beauty Trends That Need to Stay in 2018

Happy Christmas Eve Eve lovelies! I can’t believe we’re only 2 days away from the big one! I was brave today and tackled the majority of the food shopping and also made a pilgrimage up to the Trafford Centre, which was absolutely heaving, not to my surprise however, as it’s always busy at Christmas. I have a huge to do list for tomorrow too, consisting of finishing the food shopping, cleaning up and wrapping the last of my presents which will take a while as I am absolutely meticulous with my wrapping (I’ll no doubt be sharing some pictures on Instagram tomorrow). This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for the whole of Blogmas but thought it was too NYE based, however, we are drawing ever closer to the end of a year of some absolutely crazy beauty trends which I feel need to die immediately, so I’ve decided to write it anyway.

Water Bottle Hair Curling

Have you seen those videos on Instagram and Snapchat of girls claiming they can curl their hair by using just a water bottle and a hairdryer? The videos may claim this new hack works perfectly, but come on, really? What is wrong with using a curling wand or even some of the new heat-free products on the market? Who really resorts to cutting up old water bottles just to get some frankly quite messy, knotty-looking curls? I have never understood this one and I hope people start to question this in 2019 too, if it makes it that far.

Frankly Freaky Nails

Yes, I’m talking those nails that came around when baby Stormi was born, and also those incredibly creepy tooth nails. I swear I also saw a set of nails that were shaped as a cow’s udder and squirted milk, or was that some sort of a weird fever dream? Other than being pretty disturbing, these nails are highly impractical, and knowing the way nails can be, would probably chip and get destroyed the moment you walk about of the nail bar. I completely understand the artistry that goes into nails and the design of the pieces are brilliant, but what’s wrong with a polish with a little bit of nail art? Or if you do want something bold, please don’t get something which required storing milk in a pouch on your fingernail, I’m begging you.

Glitter Lip Gloss

I personally hate that the 00s are getting a revival. For me, it’s bringing back too many bad memories of lo-rise jeans (which are apparently trying to make a comeback?), hair mascara and that year I thought Crocs were really cool (please don’t judge me). The glitter lip gloss resurgence just reminds me of a time when pre-teen girls would get all their makeup free from magazines like Bliss and Sugar (may they rest in peace) instead of from MAC and Too Faced which they all seem to these days. My first lip gloss, whilst not glittery, was a strawberry and kiwi flavoured and scented Lip Smackers gloss, bought from Claire’s. The glosses worn these days look exactly like that gloss I wore when I was 10; it wasn’t pretty then and it’s not pretty now. Pass me a matte lipstick, pronto.

Extreme Lip Fillers

I am totally for enhancing your natural self if you feel you want to; after all, everyone has a choice, however, some of the lip fillers I have seen lately are really getting out of hand. Looking back now, it’s weird that in the late 90s and early 00s, it was cool to have a tiny bum and boobs, now it is the complete opposite. I feel like this will happen within the next decade, and many people will look back and wonder what they were thinking when they got lip fillers. A lot of people in 2028 will look back and be thankful that lip fillers are not permanent and do need topping up, or else there would be a lot of surgical procedures in order to reverse the effect of the mega trendy fillers.

Unicorn Everything

Am I the only person who is kind of over unicorn-inspired everything? It’s gone beyond beauty trends and into the mainstream, but I have seen far too many rainbow unicorn highlighters, lipsticks, frosted lip glosses, hair dyes etc to last me a lifetime. Yes, unicorns are fantastic mythical beings and I love the fact that there is a unicorn on every British passport (if you don’t believe me, Google it), but can we PLEASE move on to something else in 2019? What about Shrek inspired eyeliner or Aslan lips, please, just anything but another unicorn.

Wet Hair

As made popular by the likes of Kim Kardashian, the red carpets this year were full of women who looked like they didn’t have the time to dry their hair after their shower. This quickly became a style women the world over wanted to try, and my Instagram stories were flooded with girls asking if anyone knew how to achieve the glam wet look for nights out and events. To me, it just looks kind of greasy, or like you’ve really not made an effort to do your hair at all? There are some lazy days I let me hair naturally dry if I have no plans to leave the house, but I’ve never caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought the frizzy, wavy messy was in any way acceptable to leave the house with, let alone stand and face hundreds of photographers and potentially start a new beauty trend. Can we please start drying our hair again in 2019? If anything, you won’t get ill.

There are loads of beauty trends I am excited about in 2019. Red wine hair is already getting pretty popular, and I bet the Pantone colour of the year, Living Coral will pop up in a number of trends in early 2019. I do, however, know I will be writing this post again this time next year with some more truly awful trends, because that’s just who we are as humans; bold, creative, unique. It’s just a shame that not all the ideas in the beauty world are good ones.

Emily x

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