Blogmas Day 20: Jumpers For Joy, The ASOS Edit

In the winter, I am usually found in a jumper and jeans in a multitude of variations. I was a huge fiend for black jumpers but have found myself in the brightest patterned jumpers this year, and they have quickly become my favourites. I have found that ASOS have the best stock for jumpers this year, with my wardrobe filling up with this season’s best pieces rather rapidly. There’s no better time than now to show you some potential last minute gifts for the jumper hoarder in your life, and if you pay just £10 on ASOS, you can get unlimited next day delivery all year round (which has been a godsend for me).

ASOS DESIGN Jumper in Bright Heritage Check

Bright Heritage.PNG

I have been living in this jumper for the past couple of weeks and I have been getting endless compliments about how cosy it looks and how amazingly it matches my hair. It is hugely oversized considering I bought my usual size which can lead to a jumper being just right or a little too clingy so if you do prefer a more slimline jumper, you might want to give this one (or the entire list) a miss. I love the dropped shoulder feature as it makes the jumper feel that much more oversized and cuddly. Although it is a brand new garment, it definitely has a vintage laste 80s, early 90s feel about it, even with the chunky knit itself, and is similar to some of the jumpers I find in the charity shops when doing a vintage haul. I have a feeling this will be my staple jumper this winter, and I will be gutted when the weather warms up and I won’t be able to wear it for a few months.

ASOS DESIGN Curve Chunky Jumper in Rib with Crew Neck

Rib Crew Neck

Like me, my mum is a major knitwear fiend and I have treated her to this gorgeous tomato red piece for Christmas (don’t worry, she doesn’t read the blog!). It arrived a few days ago and I can tell you it is much fluffier than the picture makes it look, which for me is an amazing thing. The colour is incredibly striking and would look perfect paired with any colour jean, making it a really versatile addition to any wardrobe. With jumpers, do not avoid the curve section, even if you do not normally shop in it. Buying from the curve section can provide some incredible oversized statement pieces, and could even mean a jumper could double up as a dress, especially for more petite girls.

Rokoko Plus Oversized Stripe Jumper

Rokoko Large

Rokoko is a brand I first discovered in the summer when I was looking for an outfit for Leeds festival. I fell in love with a pair of flared legging with flame prints going up the legs from the hem, but couldn’t find them in my size anywhere. It turned out Rokoko are a wholesale company and they do not have their own site to buy from, so the only place you can really buy from them is ASOS. I have been learning to love bright colours in my wardrobe in contract to my usual all-black, may-as-well-be-goth attire, and instantly fell in love with this oversized beauty. So much so that when I got told I had a budget to spend on ASOS for Christmas presents for myself, this was the first thing that went in my basket and I didn’t even have to think twice about it. After buying from Rokoko before, I know this is going to be a mega high quality jumper and will probably see me through to the spring as it looks a little lighter than the other jumpers in this list.

ASOS DESIGN Jumper in Argyle Pattern


What drew me to this jumper is the acidic, lucid green in the argyle pattern. It’s incredibly punk without being in your face with holes and pins. It looks like a very similar knit to another jumper I bought from ASOS recently, and if so, it promises to be a mega cosy, soft, heavy jumper without being too woolly. This is another one that has gone into my Christmas box and I am looking forward to playing around with the styling of it. I usually throw my jumpers on with black jeans and keep it very simple, but I really want to try this style under a black cord or denim pinafore with either black creepers or boots to add to that punk image. Paired with my trusty woollen baker boy hat, I feel this one will be a jumper for the ages (and it will also match my pair even better than the first jumper!).

Keep an eye out on my Instagram for peeks of these pieces throughout the colder months (and potentially even after that) and let me know what you think. I’d love to know how you would style these jumpers; tell me what you think in the comments!

Emily x

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