Blogmas Day 18: ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

How quickly has this month gone? I can’t believe it’s only a week left before the big day, and therefore the beginning of what is probably the busiest week of my year so far. My mum finished work today, so we are hitting the ground running with last minute Christmas preparations and gift buying to complete as of tomorrow, however, trying to fit my freelance work and meetings around this has meant we have had to have a military, minute-by-minute plan of what is happening from tomorrow morning until we can finally rest in the evening on the 24th. I wanted to give you all a glimpse into what my diary looks like for the next week, and to try to get my own head around it too!

Wednesday 19th

Tomorrow, I have to attend a meeting in Macclesfield, and as the public transport links aren’t brilliant, I’m hitching a lift off my mum, and having a look around the shops post-meeting in order to potentially pick up some Christmas presents for extended family from a town we don’t usually visit (unless we’re visiting the hospital, which seems to have happened a lot this year, especially for all the falls and scrapes my family seem to be prone to). In the evening, we’re writing the last of the Christmas cards which will have to be sent 1st class on Thursday as we are incredibly late this year.

Thursday 20th

Thursday will mark my last working day of 2018 as I am spending a full day in the office with one of my clients. I am really looking forward to getting the festive feeling of a decorated office with a great bunch of people. I feel like one of the reasons I feel Christmas has come around so quickly this year is because I haven’t had all the usual Christmassy traditions I have gotten used to working in offices. No Christmas songs on repeat, no Secret Santa, no Christmas party. I have really enjoyed my past few weeks working with this client and I know working with them and their clients in 2019 will be so exciting. As it is the month end on Thursday, it will consist of a lot of content planning, scheduling and some work on Facebook ads, so overall a pretty good day.

Friday 21st

Friday is the big one, and honestly the one that is slightly terrifying me. The military precision that has gone into planning Friday is insane, but seriously needed. My mum will drop my sister off at school and my dad at work. She will then come to pick me up and we’re heading straight to Manchester; this will be at around 8:30am. We’ll get into Manchester and hit the shops straight away, probably starting with a Christmas Lush haul. There are a few other shops on the list before we stop for a quick lunch. After lunch we will tackle the behemoth that is Primark for last minute Christmas goodies like pyjamas and fluffy socks. We’re hoping it won’t be too busy, but knowing what Primark can get like over Christmas, that it probably wishful thinking. Once we’re out of Primark, it’s a coffee from Starbucks, then back on the tram home. Once home, we will sort through the presents and get them hidden, wait for my dad to finish work (5:30pm), then it’s up to Trafford (basically Manchester again for those not familiar with the North West) to get the Christmas food shopping done in Costco. At this point, I’ll be very thankful if they have either gin or bubbles near the alcohol section for me to sample. We’ll finish there at around 8pm, and will travel home with a giant pizza. Once the food is away, I’ll probably be ready for bed.

Saturday 22nd

Saturday is my wrapping day. I’m buying brown parcel paper from Costco this year as the huge roll works out much cheaper than the paper I usually buy from Paperchase. I take huge pride in my wrapping and always adorn my gifts with tassels, ribbon and other lovely festive bits and bobs. I am very excited because (I’m not sure if I mentioned this a few days ago) I have sequin ribbon this year in red and white which I am really looking forward to using. I like my presents to look quite traditional with the addition of a glimmer of modernity, and I feel this is the perfect way to achieve this. My tags are all written with metallic Sharpies and I enjoy sipping on a festive cocktail, or a glass of bucksfizz while I take care to wrap my presents as neatly as possible.

Sunday 23rd

Sunday will probably be another shopping day, but we will stay quite local just to get the final few perishables for Christmas day. We usually buy the veg for the Christmas roast at this point from the fruit and veg man on the market, and we will head to Aldi to get essentials like bread, milk, brandy butter and cream. I’m planning on the shops being absolutely manic, so I will probably spend most of the day in a queue, but I’m honestly looking forward to a more relaxed day on Sunday.

Monday 24th – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is typically the day we start the celebrations, but also finish the last little bit of prep before the 25th. The veg all gets prepped and put in water ready for Christmas morning, my dad prepares the turkey with butter, bacon and stuffing, and we generally get tidy and sorted. My Nan is coming over in the evening this year for a tea and a couple of drinks. I’m planning a gin tasting session with my family this year as I have picked up some phenomenal bottles this year which I think they’ll love (I’ll touch on these in another blog post soon). I’m not the kind to go out on Christmas Eve as my town is quite pricey and in order to go out with my closest friends, we would all need to get taxis home which would be so expensive on Christmas Eve. Christmas has always been a really important time for me to connect with my family as well, so I feel the more time spent with them chatting and having fun the better.

Fear not, I will still be completing Blogmas this year and will be with you all the way up to the 24th (I definitely will not be sober enough to blog on Christmas day!).

Emily x

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