Blogmas Day 16: Social Media Career FAQ

Choosing a career path that is deemed incredibly new and modern wasn’t exactly what my family had in mind when I was growing up, and it has led to a lot of questions from the older generations in my family and friends who think they are social media savvy which I know a lot of my peers also face. Just to set the record straight, I thought I’d answer some of the more difficult questions I get asked to either provide you with some comebacks or even provide some further information if you want to understand my career path a little better.

So you just sit on Facebook all day?

No. Facebook is a huge element of my job, but I do not spend all day every day scrolling through my personal Facebook feed. I see a lot of Facebook and other social platforms the general public do not, including post analytics, business tools such as ad manager and sometimes even content management systems which most people do not see (for example, on YouTube). My job involved a lot of analytics, reporting and strategy in order to get consumers and audiences to engage with the content I put out on behalf of a brand, which sometimes does involve me sitting on Facebook to engage with these people and to ensure there is no negativity surrounding the brand, but also exploring new ways to grow and innovative ways to use social media platforms as an exciting yet profitable marketing tool.

Can you get me followers on *insert platform here*?

I could probably help you gain a few more followers than you are used to getting after a post, but if you refuse to change your content, or do not have anything to offer an audience in order to entertain, inform, or provoke some form of emotion, I probably can’t make too much of a difference, and I definitely cannot make you an influencer overnight.

Will you just do this for me, I can’t pay you but I need some advice on my business social media pages?

No. Pay me and I will give you all the advice you want, but I do not work for free.

If you find any influencers while you’re working for someone else which you feel will fit with my brand, I’ll pay you a finders fee. (A guy on Tinder genuinely said this to me recently).

People pay me a lot of money for my time to focus solely on their brand or their clients. I am not going to use the time they are paying me good money for to fine you influencers who you will not be able to build a lasting relationship with, or will not be able to pay.

Does Facebook know everything about me?

Before GDPR guidelines came into play, Facebook knew a lot more about you than you would have thought (e.g. if you’re likely to buy a house within the next 12 months, if you have a child aged 1-3 years old and the brands you have bought from recently, even if offline), however, since these rules became the law, Facebook, or any other company for that matter, is not allowed to store that sort of information about you, and can only report to others on the information you have chosen to give them , for example, your age, where you live, your occupation and your marital status.

I love social media and post to Instagram nearly every day, could I work in social media?

Potentially yes, but working in social media is more than just interacting with your friends on Instagram and Snapchat every day. It makes sense that the Gen X have this as a solid career choice as they are the true digital natives, however, it does not mean that they all possess the creative and analytical qualities required to be a successful marketer. At the end of the day, anyone can learn how to use social media platforms quickly and efficiently, however, you cannot teach drive, passion or creativity; all of which are needed for such a full-on, non-stop job.

Do you have any questions about working in social media? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email, and your question may feature in a future FAQ!

Emily x

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