Blogmas Day 14: 4 Netflix Gems to Watch Over Christmas

For me, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a huge blanket, loads of snacks and something ace to watch on Netflix while the weather is cold and wet. I have a few tried and tested favourites that I always go back to and I have actually lost count of how many times I have repeated the whole thing time and time again (it’s Friends, let’s be real here), but I do have some shows I feel do not get the same recognition as others, and some which were cancelled way too soon. These are my absolute favourites to keep me entertained on a wet and dreary day, and I hope you find the same comfort in them that I do.

Nailed It

This has been a pretty popular show on Netflix, so much so that the second series didn’t take long at all to come out, and a full holiday series has just been dropped within the past week or so, however, most people I ask seem to have never heard of it, so maybe it’s just huge in the US? The premise of Nailed It is to be the best of a bad bunch. Three awful amateur bakers battle it out over two hilarious rounds to prove that, actually, they’re not too bad after all. We all have our baking disasters, and it’s lovely to see a show that celebrates this and acknowledges when people are challenging themselves. I love that the contestants are all so happy to laugh at themselves, it really doesn’t feel as mean as laughing at people who think they’re doing really well. The guest judges are usually spot on, with my favourite being the older wedding cake baker from the first episode of season one.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

I know this is no hidden gem, but no Netflix list on this blog is complete without a mention of TATBILB. I am a true hopeless romantic, meaning I absolutely adore any film like this, but honestly, there is something so special about this film. For those of your who didn’t know, the film is based on a series of books written by an Asian American woman called Jenny Han. Jenny wrote Lara Jean and her family as an Asian American family, with an Asian mother who died and an American father. There were tonnes of offers to turn the book into a film due it it’s cult following, however, most production companies wanted to make Lara Jean and her family exclusively white, apart from Netflix, which is how they managed to score such a hugely anticipated and talked about film. I have never read the books, but many of the book’s fans adore the film as much as I do, and apparently they did an amazing job with everything from casting to script writing; so much so that a sequel based on the third book in the series has already been commissioned!

The Job Lot (Available on Netflix UK)

The Job Lot is a workplace sitcom about a group of dysfunctional people working in a Birmingham-based job centre. It’s quite predictable in the fact that there’s they dopey one, the uptight one, the bickering couple, and the crazy boss who thinks shes much more respected than she actually is, but the hilarity comes in the form of the situations they get themselves into every episode. Take, for example, the episode where the uptight one gets a promotion and becomes a mega diva when she travels to other job centres to provide talks for the staff on how to get people off job seeker’s allowance, or the episode where the boss gets kidnapped by a cowboy. The story lines become funnier as the show matures, and it is unfortunate that it was cancelled after just three seasons consisting of just 6 episodes each, as unlike much cancelled shows, it still felt like it had so much life left in it.

Queer Eye

If there was an award for the most heartwarming show on tv, Queer Eye would win every time. If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been?! The first season exploded onto our screens as a revival from a cult TV show from the original ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ from the early 2000s. In the show, the ‘Fab 5’ (JVN, Bobby, Karamo, Tan and Anthony) visit men (and a woman) who are in need of a little TLC. They have no fashion sense, their love life may be down the drain or they may be dealing with something meaning they have no time for themselves. The Fab 5, who all specialise in a different discipline, change the person’s life around and provide them with cooking skills, an improved home, a better wardrobe, a new grooming routine and most importantly, a new sense of self worth and confidence. I am yet to find an episode that couldn’t bring me to tears during a hangover, and I’m not sure that I want to. If you want to witness the true gift of giving during the holidays, this one is for you.

This is what I will be watching (and re-watching) during the Christmas break, what will you be watching?

Emily x

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