Blogmas Day 11: 4 Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

My phone decided to die on me a few months back, causing me to wipe everything on it, and the night I spent without my phone made me realise how much I rely on it. It disgusted me at first, but then I realised it actually made me a much more productive person and allowed me to learn new things I probably wouldn’t do without it. The apps on my phone are an amalgamation of what makes me, me. These are the 4 apps I feel help me most in my daily life and have made me a better person in the long run.


Duolingo is arguably the best free app for learning a language. You have the option to learn a multitude of languages, including languages like High Valyrian to get more in tune with your favourite TV programmes and films. I wanted to take Business Spanish at GCSE, and after the course was scrapped, took it upon myself to learn Spanish at a deeper level than what I was taught in school. I love the fact that the lessons start with the essentials such as travel and ordering food; the things you really need when visiting a Spanish speaking country, then moving on to the less important themes such as animals, school subjects and the home layout. I didn’t realise quite how useful the app was until I found myself understanding written Spanish, and I even found myself laughing at a Spanish joke I wouldn’t have understood before my lessons.


I have used a countless amount of to-do list type apps in the past, none of which have really helped me be more productive, and usually just end up with me being as passive as I am with paper lists which are often left unread. This app allows you to set the date and time in which a list item needs doing by, which fully unleashes my competitive side, and the app also has numbered notification buttons which is a huge irritant until my list is empty, after which I can relax for the day. This has really helped me with my recent freelance work, and has reminded me what I have going on every day. I add my meetings, work I get through emails and other ad hoc tasks I need to do and so far it has really helped me become more productive and less forgetful (which more often than not, I am).


My current theme on Instagram is quite vintage, and has a disposable camera look about it. I achieve this by running all my pictures through the Huji app which applies the processed look, and adds random light effects which used to mean the image was ruined, however, it has helped me achieve some really cool looking, edgy images. The filter is quite grainy and I find it works perfectly when mixed with the Juno app on Instagram itself. I did pay 99p for the privilege of running already-taken pictures through the app, but you can also take pictures within the app which save automatically to your phone. If you’re looking for something to spice up your Instagram feed, I would suggest having a play around with Huji.


Yes, it’s technically a website, but I love how easy the Etsy app is to use to buy personal presents for loved ones around Christmas, for birthdays, baby showers etc etc. I love supporting local businesses, and I think it’s brilliant that I can support smaller crafters from around the world through my phone. I have a rapidly growing wish list on the app and search for everything from greetings cards to hand tied lace front wigs on there. I have now gotten to the point where I check Etsy before Amazon for gifts, and with friends and family falling pregnant and announcing weddings, I am even more in need of bespoke, personalised gifts than ever, and cannot wait to see the look of my loved ones’ faces when they see something totally out of the ordinary waiting for them.

Are there any apps which have enhanced your life, or any you simply can’t live without – I’m always looking to try new things so feel free to leave your suggestions below!

Emily x

Featured Image by William Iven on Unsplash

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