Blogmas Day 10:My New Year’s Resolutions

I am awful for breaking my New Year’s resolutions really early on; I usually don’t make it to the end of January. But this year, I have chosen resolutions which mean a lot to me and will make an impact not only on my health but the environment. Instead of something silly and non-committal, I am determined to stick to these two resolutions and ensure I start the year by making a positive impact on the world around me

My first resolution is to ensure I use no products that have been tested on animals. I am already quite conscious of this and tend to check before buying, but I do have products in my makeup bag that I didn’t test and have had the formula tested on animals. I think in this day and age, there is no need for harmless animals to be tested on, and have said from a very young age that rats and rabbits do not have the same biological makeup as humans, so what impacts them negatively may be great for humans and vice versa. For example, I can eat as much garlic as I like, I’d probably stink, but I could if I wanted to. Now, if my dog ate a ton of garlic, he would be poisoned and he would have a very severe reaction to it.

I can’t see this being too difficult as I already buy all my soaps and creams at Lush, it’s getting easier to find quick results on Google as to who tests on animals and who doesn’t, and to avoid those that do. I have never used a MAC product in my life as I know now notorious they are for animal testing, and I do not feel like I am missing out. All of my favourite brands (e.g. The Ordinary, Too Faced, Revolution, Lush, OUAI) do not test on animals and are strictly cruelty free, so I will only have to make a minimal amount of changes to my current product lineup. I feel the worst part of it will be finding something that will ensure my hair remains damage free, but I am very excited to try out the Lush shampoo bars in the new year to combat this.

My second resolution is to stop eating red meat. I already tend to avoid steak and roast beef in favour of chicken and turkey as I find the meat to contain veins and other nasties, and being a fussy eater, I cannot stomach that at all. I do, however, tend to rely heavily on beef mince, which will be completely eradicated from my diet come January. I will only be eating white meat products including chicken, pork and turkey, which I actually prefer the flavour of anyway.

I made this decision partially to do with my health, and partially to do with the environment. There have been so many reports on the news recently about the levels of methane cattle produce, especially when eating, and therefore the less demand for beef products, the less cattle that will need to be bred. This will also hopefully stop overcrowding of cows and will hopefully provide a better life for the cows who are bred for meat. As I get older, I definitely understand the impact of each indivudal’s actions does to the environment and I am trying my best to make my carbon footprint smaller. I have already scaled back on my single use plastic consumption, and I am hoping that by giving up red meat, I will be making another positive step forward into becoming more environmentally conscious.  I am also trying to lose weight in the coming year, and whilst this is not a resolution in its own right, I feel by giving up red meat and sticking to leaner, overall healthier white meat products, I will be doing my body good and I will start shedding the pounds without much effort.

I really hope I can stick to my resolutions this year and make a better world not only for myself but for my family and the generations after me. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions set yet and how do you plan to stick to them?

Emily x

Header Image by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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