Blogmas Day 8: 19 Goals for 2019

At the end of each year, I like to set myself some goals in order to have something productive to work towards and to see how many I have managed to achieve within 12 months. Some are obviously much harder than others, and some I may not be able to complete, however, I enjoy setting myself a year by year bucket list to ensure that I am trying new things and growing as a person every year. In 2019 I have a number of goals I would like to achieve, and I wanted to share 19 of them with you all.

  1. Be successful with my freelance work, and ensure I have constant work and clients to keep me afloat
  2. Get a better grasp on my mental health, and try to keep it under control more often
  3. Following on from point 2, I want to try new methods of mindfulness and coping mechanisms whilst I get some money together for therapy
  4. Start saying yes more, and no less
  5. Start learning to drive (yes I am 22 and have never sat behind the wheel of a car)
  6. Have a few weekends away to take a break from everyday life
  7. Learn to play the ukulele (I got bought a uke as a gift and haven’t really touched it)
  8. Improve my skincare regime & ensure I incorporate more products suitable for my combination skin
  9. Lose weight and improve my overall physical health and wellbeing
  10. Try different crafts (again, relating back to mindfulness)
  11. Get more technical with baking and push myself to try more difficult recipies
  12. Get at least one more tattoo (I have a memorial tattoo planned for my late aunt which I have been desperate to get inked for a long time)
  13. Maintain my current level of motivation with everything I do in life
  14. Get 2 tickets to see Elton John live
  15. Try more vegetables (at 22 I am still an incredibly fussy eater, especially when it comes to trying new veg. I want to push my boundaries and find some healthier food I may actually enjoy)
  16. Speak up more for what I believe in; whether this means attending rallies, meetings, getting involved with petitions and campaigning
  17. Continue to grow as a person and flourish further into adulthood
  18. Make more of an effort to see my extended family, most of whom I have not seen for a while and I miss terribly
  19. Extend my already huge show collection (I know my dad will hate this one!)

Do you set yourself goals for the new year, if so, have you already got them planned for 2019? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Emily x

Header Image by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

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