Blogmas Day 7: My New Career Milestone

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been quite quiet about my plans for my career and ‘projects’ I have coming up on here over the past month or so but I finally feel I am set up and ready to chat to you all about everything that’s happening. This will be fairly informal and chatty, and I’ll be providing advice for any budding career flowers within the next few weeks and into the new year.

When I left my job in August, I didn’t realise just how fussy I can be about finding a job. Nothing I looked at was good enough and while I was telling companies I was excited about the prospect of working for them, I found myself constantly underwhelmed by what they could offer, or that there were elements of the job I either wasn’t comfortable with, or I frankly didn’t want to do. I’m fully aware of how much of a diva this makes me sound, but I had such a cushy time at my old job when it was going well that I was looking to emulate exactly what I had. This became increasingly difficult with each interview I went on, and it got to the point where I had to put in a claim for Universal Credit (I won’t go into how awful it is, that needs a whole other post).

While I was spending all day, every day looking for jobs, I started thinking of why I do the work I do in order to make money for someone else. In short, that is essentially what marketing is at the end of the day, but I was making money for someone (usually an agency) who was making money for someone else, and potentially someone else on top of that. Why was I working so damn hard to make someone else rich, when I wasn’t getting paid what I deserved in any job I had been in within the past 2 years?

Around a month ago now I made the decision I was going to work for myself. Freelance, if you will. I have skills in social media and influencer marketing which many companies (even social media agencies) are lacking, and I enjoy injecting fun into my career and the clients I work for more than anything else. I did my first day as a freelancer yesterday and it felt so freeing. I get to set how much I am paid so I was more motivated to do the best work I could, and I felt part of the office and welcomed without having to get involved in office politics and all the gossiping etc that surrounds permanent work places. If you deny there is any gossip or politics happening in your workplace, you’re naive. The directors treated me like an equal and were asking for advice, rather than dictating work to me. I felt like a real grown up expert in my field, which at the end of the day, I am.

When I first started I was incredibly nervous. I created a pack to promote myself rather than the typical CV, and found the email addresses of hundreds of agencies and small businesses in Manchester and the surrounding area. I had doubts and I cried to my mum when I had no money at all that it wasn’t going to work. The day after, I got a call from the company who are now my first client on retainer. I won’t lie and tell you it was an easy ride. I had to be mega self disciplined and really allot time in my day to outreach to companies and ensure my name was getting out there. There were obviously people who said no, or made me aware they don’t use freelancers; but for every no, there were two emails that said they would keep me details on file, and another who wanted to set up a meeting or a phone call.

It’s only early days and I know there are many more exciting opportunities I will be telling you all about. I will be writing some posts about freelancing and what I have learned so far, potentially within Blogmas so keep your eyes peeled!

If you could make one huge career change what would it be? Have you ever considered freelance work?

Emily x

Header Image by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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