Blogmas Day 6: Spotify Wrapped 2018

It’s my absolute favourite day of the year today; the day everyone’s Spotify Wrapped data gets released! As a music hoarder, it makes me so happy to see my stats increase year on year, and to revisit some of my most beloved tracks from the year in my Top 100 playlist. This year has been no exception and I am so excited to share my stats with you.


The first track I listened to was September by Earth, Wind & Fire. I can only guess that I was having a right old dance at the stroke of midnight and having a whale of a time. I’m only guessing because, like most 21 year olds, I was rather drunk on NYE.

The first artist I discovered this year was Swae Lee. I don’t even want to take a guess as to what track this was because I don’t think I’ve listened to him since!


I love the little quiz Spotify have incorporated into Wrapped this year, and I definitely underestimates the number of minutes I have listened to music on the streaming service. In total, I have listened to a whopping 44,331 minutes of music this year, and that isn’t even including most of  December! Honestly, I think using Spotify for my old music industry job doesn’t help, but it’s still a massive number.

The amount of minutes I have listened to Spotify for this year totals 738.85 hours, or 30.7 days straight. That’s a whole month of music!

Favourite Artist

It’s no surprise to me that Fall Out Boy are my top artist yet again this year. I absolutely love the new album despite the mixed reviews, their surprise EP was phenomenal and I love the throwbacks just as much. It also helped that I saw them in March this year with my younger sister which just fuelled my love for them further.

This year, I spent a solid 29 hours listening to Fall Out Boy, which I think is pretty good going, however, I have seen people spending 50+ hours with their favourite artist on Twitter this year, which is just mental.

The Charts

In 2018, my 5 top artists were Fall Out Boy, Halsey, Don Broco, Panic! At The Disco and MAX. I love all of these artists dearly, and have seen all but Halsey live this year. When I am going to a gig, I tend to spend the month before and after really listening to the artist I am seeing, most of which I usually listen to a lot anyway.

My top songs were Television Romance by Pale Waves, My My My by Troye Sivan, Alone by Halsey, Eastside by Benny Blanco, Haley and Khalid and No More by Pretty Much. I feel like there’s a really good mix of songs here, but I am personally surprised at the amount of pop in here. Pale Waves are an exception to my surprise, as I have fallen in love with the band this year and went through a period of listening to them religiously. They have featured in most of my monthly playlists this year.

My top genres this year were pop, indie, rock, punk and hip hop. As you can tell, I have a mega varied music taste and will listen to just about everything, but I do sway more towards tracks with a rock edge.

Top 100

My Top 100 playlist this year has made me feel really warm and fuzzy. All my favourite artists are in there, and playing the playlist through has bought up so many amazing memories for me from this year. In March, I took my sister to her first concert, and her first festival in May. Songs from both are in this amazing playlist. I also have a lot of Panic! At The Disco who have seen me through my change in career path in the past few months. A lot of songs and artists I discovered throughout the year have also featured within the playlist, including Rex Orange County, Emily Burns, and Dillon Francis, who I am really happy to revisit at the end of the year.

Favourite Sub Genre

It comes as no shock that modern rock is my favourite sub genre of the year. This includes everything I listen to like pop punk, indie rock, post hardcore etc. There are over 3,000,000 people worldwide who got this same result, so it is nice to know the scene is still around and kicking.

Oldest Song

My oldest song this year has a backstory. Malambo No. 1 was released in 1954 by Yma Sumac, but was used as a lipsync for your life track on series 5 of Ru Paul’s drag race. When I was heading off to see some RPDR girls with my mum earlier in the year, I put on a playlist of all the lipsync songs from the show so far, with this being one of them. If you haven’t seen the Jinkxx Monsson v Detox lipsync to this track, I would highly recommend it, even if you aren’t a Drag Race fan – it’s brilliant!


I listened to more artists who are a Libra than any other starsign during 2018. I thought this was an incredibly random piece of trivia from Spotify, but I found it interesting nevertheless. Apparently Cardi B and Halsey are Libras, both of whom I have streamed a lot this year.

All Talk

I’m not a huge listener of podcasts but it is something I am trying out increasingly. I only listened to two different podcasts this year which is why it is no surprise to me that they are my two top listened to podcasts. The first is Whats The Tee with Ru Paul and Michelle Visage, and the other is Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness from Queer Eye. Both of which were very enjoyable and I would highly recommend if podcasts are your thing.

Spotify Wrapped Card

Have you looked at your Spotify Wrapped for 2018 yet? Were there any surprises or were you quite underwhelmed?


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