Blogmas Day 3: Winter Beauty Saviours

Every winter I suffer really badly from dry, chapped skin and lips and incredibly dull hair. During the autumn as the weather changed, I found myself trying lots of new products to ensure I have clear skin and shiny hair all the way through the winter until spring. These products ensure total normality when the weather and climate do their worst.

Lips – Lush Lip Scrubs

My go to product for dry lips all year round are the Lush lip scrubs. They are a little more pricey than some of the drug store lip scrubs you can grab in Boots or Superdrug, but buying from Lush ensures no animals were harmed or tested on in the production of the product, and that the ingredients are 100% natural which my mega sensitive skin loves. My favourite all year round flavour is Mint Julips as the peppermint in the product acts as a natural lip plumper before I put a lip colour on, however, I always make sure I pick up a Sugar Plum Fairy flavour when the Christmas stock hits the shelves. I simply scrubs my lips during my skincare routine and follow with a bog standard lip balm to lock in the moisture. I then let the lip balm soak in while I do my makeup and wipe off any excess before applying a lip colour. Guaranteed soft lips all day.

SPF Lip Scrub
Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub – £6.50 – 25g

Face – The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA

This moisturiser changed my life. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Before I found this beauty I was suffering with majorly dry skin under my eyes / on my cheekbones and around my t-zone, and it has completely turned my life around. As far as I am aware, it was one of the first affordable products to use hyaluronic acid as part of its formula, and although is it rapidly becoming a high drug store staple, The Ordinary have always been super on it with the best acids and oils to treat problem skin. Again, the product is mostly natural which is so important for me as many creams and treatments leave my skin blotchy and even more dry than it was in the first place. I usually slather this on after toning my face, before eye cream and primer. If you’re looking for a holy grail moisturiser, this is it.

The Ordinary Moisturiser.PNG
The Ordinary Moisturising Factors + HA – £6.75 – 100ml

Under Eyes – Oh K! Ginseng & Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask

I don’t know about you but the colder weather in the winter months makes me incredibly tired and weary, and this definitely shows under my eyes, leaving me with dark circles and bags. These one time use masks are a lifesaver and leave my under eye area looking like I have slept for a full week, ready for whatever life throws at me. I’d recommend stockpiling over Christmas as they are amazing for disguising those pesky hangovers from work parties and nights out, leaving your day after free to do whatever you need to, rather than cooped up in a dark room with Bob Ross streaming on Netflix. The patches are so soothing and hydrating that I am yet to find another product that works as well as these do.

Oh K Ginseng Eye Mask.PNG
Oh K! Ginseng & Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask – £4.25

Cover – Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

It’s hard to me to find an affordable concealer that matches my skin tone and doesn’t make my skin look pure white due to how pale I am, and I don’t think I will ever use another concealer in my life. The shade C3 matches my skin tone perfectly, and I use C1 for subtle highlights. Due to my dark circles problem, and the fact that my skin gets very prone to spots and blotchy patches as the weather turns, I always ensure I have a tube of this concealer on hand, even if I’m not doing a full face of make up. The creamy texture ensures full coverage and the product isn’t too thick like some cheaper concealers which makes it very easy to blend out.

Revolution Concealer.PNG
Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer – £4 – 3.4g

Body – Lush Sultana of Soap Bar

I used to be an absolute ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ freak because it basically cured my eczema when I was younger, however, when I went into Lush looking for something new and nourishing, an amazing member of staff pointed me in the the direction of Sultana of Soap. This was around 2 years ago now and I haven’t looked back since. My dry skin problems go beyond my face, and this soap’s moisturising properties sometimes even eradicate the need for a body lotion once I step out of the shower. The sultanas used in the soap also act as a light exfoliant without being too evasive, as harsh scrubs can sometimes lead to my skin becoming irritated. The scent of bergamot oil sticks to your skin unlike other soaps and shower gels where the scent fades pretty much instantly, which is just yet another bonus. The image below shows the moulded bar, however, it usually comes sliced in store with sultanas on the top.

Sultana of Soap.PNG
Lush Sultana of Soap Bar – £3.85 – 95g

What are your favourite winter skincare items and what should I be testing out over the colder months?

Emily x

Featured Image by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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