Blogmas Day 2: The Playlist Rundown: November

November was quite dry for me in terms of new music releases, apart from the very last day where The 1975 saved the month by releasing the highly anticipated ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’. Due to this, I spent most of the month listening to older playlists and a new playlist I have put together with a good general mix of a little bit of everything. With Christmas well and truly under way, hopefully December will have a few more offerings to excite me. As always, find the playlist down below.

thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Early on in the month, the honorary Mancunian treated us to a surprise release, leaving everyone with shook with their wigs fully snatched. Ariana has provided human-kind with a positive breakup anthem, which allows people to see the positives in leaving a relationship and understand how each ex will have affected their lives. The most touching moment in the song is when Ariana thanks her late ex-boyfriend Malcom (Mac Miller) for being an angel. She was still incredibly concerned about Malcom after they separated and I personally cannot begin to understand how difficult his death must have been for her. Despite only being around for a month, I can see this song going down in the ages as being Grande’s most successful song, and serving as her legacy.

Somebody To Love – Troye Sivan

In celebration of the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, a group of popular aritsts have been releasing covers of Queen’s most popular songs from the film. These songs have included 5 Seconds of Summer’s cover of Killer Queen and Shawn Mendes’ version of Under Pressure, but Troye Sivan’s contribution is by far my favourite. The arrangement reminds me slightly of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, and has made the song an incredibly haunting ballad. I’m not Queen’s biggest fan, I honestly feel they’re quite overrated, however, hearing artists create something so different with such an iconic song is refreshing.

Let It Be – Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch are usually quite a generic pop punk band, and I have never really given them much attention, however this is set to change in the very near future. Their cover of Let It Be by the Beatles for the collaborative album ‘Songs That Changed My Life’ (which I spoke about here), has proven that the band are far more talented than I have previously given them credit for. The day the album was released, I listened all the way through with no interruptions, and while some covers were not a patch on their original versions, this song stopped me in my tracks. Let It Be has been one of my favourite songs from when I was in primary school where I was taught to sing the song before I had even listened to it, and while there are a multitude of covers of the song, this is definitely the most poignant and beautiful I have heard yet.

Damn Good Liar – Emily Burns

I first heard Emily’s music when she appeared in my Release Radar one Friday when I was still working in the music industry, and instantly loved her cool-girl vibes and angsty lyrics, whilst still sticking to modern pop standards. Damn Good Liar was one of my late additions to November’s playlist, and its electro-pop breaks will see me right through the Christmas party season. The chorus is incredibly catchy and I know it will become one of my favourite ear worms over the next few months, as I know this one will not be leaving my monthly playlists for a while. Emily is signed to the indie label 37 Adventures last year, and I am incredibly excited to see what is next for her, especially after hearing her tracks being played on BBC Radio 1 recently.

I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) – The 1975

It wouldn’t be November’s run down without a second mention of The 1975’s new album. This 5 minute wonder closes the album, which had already torn up all of my emotions; this song stuck the knife in right at the end to confirm that this is definitely my album of the year. The band have always been close to my heart since I found out they are a friend of a family friend, and grew up just two towns over from myself. It makes me so proud that a local band have gone on to huge global success and have recorded and released such a beautifully emotional album which I feel will surpass the records of their first two albums. Their albums have always been much more experimental than the singles they release; they are usually a lot more outstanding than the semi-pop songs they release as singles in the run up to an album release – I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) is one of those songs. If you like The 1975 but have never listened to their album tracks, this is an amazing place to start.

Is there anything I missed out in November which I should be listening to this month? Let me know and you might see it pop up as one of my favourite songs within the final playlist rundown of 2018!

Emily x

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