Blogmas Day 1: Winter Store Cupboard Essentials

It was a very quiet November on here, but fear not, I haven’t disappeared – I needed a break from anything to do with my personal and social life due to my upcoming exciting projects I am working on. I have been in meeting after meeting and I am looking forward to sharing some more information with you during Blogmas and into the new year.

Because of my quiet month I have challenged myself to take part in Blogmas this year (if it’s still a thing, that is) and blog every day from today until Christmas Eve (because let’s face it, I’ll be too full of turkey, cheese and gin to blog on Christmas Day). If I miss a day, please feel free to shout at me to get me back on track!

As I have a few winter-based recipes coming up during Blogmas, I wanted to start with a list of my winter store cupboard essentials for all the budding bakers who read my blog. These winter essentials do not include all-year essentials such as flour, baking powder, granulated sugar and eggs, but is something to spice up your baking and to incorporate cosy and indulgent flavours into your bakes.


Cinnamon – ground & whole sticks

Cloves – ground & whole

Ground ginger

All spice

Star anise

Base Essentials

Dark brown muscavado sugar

Light brown muscavado sugar

Dark treacle



Peppermint essence (the only time I will suggest an essence)

70% cocoa chocolate

A selection of decadent cheeses

Christmas blend coffee (Starbucks do the best Christmas blend; you can buy it in store, ground or as a whole bean)





A range of festive food colouring (think greens, reds, golds for a rich colour, or silvers and blues for an icy theme)

Fondant (buy white and add your own colours to avoid money and waste)

Edible glitter

Chocolate shapes (I like stars for Christmas)

Have I missed your favourite winter flavour off the list? Let me know and I’ll be sure to try it out!

Emily x




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