The Playlist Rundown: September

Okay, yes, I know I missed August and I sincerely apologise. There is an August playlist on my Spotify profile but I didn’t get round to writing up a rundown because, you know, life.

However, as promised, here is September’s playlist rundown. I hope you thoroughly enjoy and hopefully you find something amazing that you haven’t heard before.

Lake Effect Kid – Fall Out Boy

Lake Effect Kid is the title track from Fall Out Boy’s surprise EP which is essentially an extended music love letter to their hometown Chicago. I chose this song of the tree specifically due to the throwback, old school Fall Out Boy vibes this song gives me. They have really stepped back under the cork tree for this track and have stepped away from the electronic pop sounds from their latest two albums. As much as I love their newer work, it’s great to hear Fall Out Boy going back to their roots and creating a glorious pop punk piece of art.

MANTRA – Bring Me The Horizon

It’s been a while (three years to be precise) since we heard new BMTH music, and whilst some fans are disappointed with the result due to the electronic sounds and a less harsh vocal, I have to admit I am a lover of MANTRA. Don’t get me wrong, MANTRA is by no means a pop song and still has recognisable traits of Bring Me The Horizon’s music, especially looking at That’s The Spirit and Sempiternal, however, I feel the newer elements will feature heavily in the upcoming album and are a sign of the band progressing and moving away from brutal riffs and Oli’s heavy vocals for a while.


It seems capital letters are a huge trend for song titles in the back end of 2018. TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME is definitely the most poppy, radio-friendly song we have heard from The 1975 since the announcement of A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and proves that the new album will be just as eclectic as those before it. I have to admit I am incredibly excited about the band’s third album and the roller coaster of moods it is bound to present. This track is my favourite from the newer releases and is sure to be the band’s biggest hit from ABIIOR.

breathin – Ariana Grande

Okay but how incredible is Sweetener? Every single track off the album is incredible and poignant in its own way, however breathin is my ultimate stand out track. With the amount of stress and mental battering I have been through over the past two months, this song has helped me manage my anxiety and has encouraged me to take a step back and breathe when I need to. I feel the song is especially sentimental due to the extremely difficult times Ariana Grande is currently facing and has been for the past 18 months. This song beautifully depicts the issues she would have faced after the Manchester attack and is an anthem for all those affects to keep on breathin.

Torn – Neck Deep

I love when a cover (of a cover) doesn’t change the (somewhat) original too much but still highlights the band’s flair and style. That is exactly what Neck Deep have done with their cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s cover of Torn. The band have covered the song for Hopeless Records’ compilation album ‘Songs That Saved My Life’ in which a number of bands from their roster have recorded songs that have has a pivotal impact on their lives whether personally or professionally. The charitable project will donate proceeds to various mental health charities and as well as the album includes a great line of merch. The album is set to be released on 9th November and I will definitely be talking about it more then.

Water Me – Lizzo

Lizzo has been churning out female empowerment anthems since 2014 and is finally getting recognised in the UK for her talent. I fell in love with her song Good As Hell in the summer of 2017, and since seeing her perform at Leeds Festival in August I have discovered her back catalogue, with Water Me being my new favourite anthem in times when I am feeling low or in need of a self esteem boost. The lyric ‘I am my own inspiration’ is a line a lot of women could do with hearing and taking in, myself included, and repeating to themselves in the mirror every single morning.

Check out the rest of the playlist below and let me know if there is anything I should be checking out in October*!

*The spookier the better.

Emily x

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