The Playlist Rundown: July

For a while now I have created a new playlist every month featuring my favourite tracks, both new and old. These songs usually act as the soundtrack to my life for the month, sometimes even longer, and every month I’m going to run through my favourite few picks from that month’s playlist, I hope you enjoy!

Still New York – MAX ft. Joey Bada$$

This song is an absolutely stunning love letter to the city of New York and whilst I’m highly likely to enjoy anything MAX releases after seeing him live earlier this year (he’s a phenomenal performer), this song in particular made me think of my love for my hometown and the surrounding areas and whilst the idea of living in another city, or even abroad, is so tempting, I could never leave behind the place where I grew up and feel most at home.

Hey Look Ma, I Made It – Panic! At The Disco

If you didn’t know before, I work in the music industry and I am constantly getting rinsed for being Panic’s number 1 fan, but that will never stop me from loving the band who have grown with me since I was a teenager. The new album, Pray For The Wicked, is solid but this is definitely one of the stand out tracks. Urie talks about the issues he has with labels and the evils of the industry, but still wants to make his mother proud. I’m lucky to say we never dabble in the shadier side of the industry, and this song makes me incredibly proud of the work we do.

Eastside (with Haley & Khalid) – Benny Blanco

I had never listened to any of Benny’s work previous to hearing this track, and it’s safe to say I am incredibly impressed. I am a huge fan of Halsey and Khalid respectively, so teaming them up for this incredible track was bound to work beautifully. This is up there with my favourite tracks of the year so far and will be a very hard one to beat. The video to accompany the song perfectly highlights the sorrow of leaving old love behind and highlights the lyrics flawlessly.

Love It If We Made It – The 1975

This song is this thing of Tumblr dreams and Trump rallies and completely outshines the band’s previous song off their new album, Give Yourself A Try. Each verse’s lyrics comment on a different issue society is facing today, from drugs to suicide to Trump and captures the anger and sadness faced by the public exquisitely. Using quotes from the dictator himself (‘I moved on her like a bitch’ and ‘Thank you Kanye, very cool) and honouring the late Lil Peep have made this song the perfectly commentary of 2018 which I hope will warn future generations of what this year was like.

Test Drive – Emily Burns

Emily is 100% one of the most underrated artists around at the moment, and is making incredible summer bops that everyone is missing out on. Fortunately, she is being featured in more and more Spotify playlists, but honestly deserves so much more recognition from other music media outlets. Her previous singles Bitch and Cheat from her recent EP, Seven Scenes From the Same Summer, are also worth a listen. I expect huge things for her in 2019.

Have a listen to the full playlist here and let me know what I should be listening to in August!

Emily x

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