Asking the Universe to Change Your Life

Okay, I’m aware this title has the potential to make me sound absolutely bonkers, but a lot of my little successes in life have come from asking the universe for help. I’m not religious; I believe in some elements of various religions but to me being a decent person is what matters the most, however, I have found in recent years that if you’re a good person, the universe will give back to you.

The idea of universe being like some form of celestial power was first popularised in the book, The Secret. Everyone from Oprah to my Nan were huge fans, but to me it was just another self help book looking to rip people off and provide people with false hope, mainly because I am a huge sceptic. In the few months after my Nan had devoted her life to The Secret, I noticed little changes. She was happier, she was succeeding and her confidence was through the roof. Now, this could have been down to anything but I was at a point of my life where I was willing to give anything a try to help me get ahead, so I started asking the universe for help.

A lot of people think that asking the universe can provide them with absolutely anything, but the main thing to consider when calling upon the universe is the likelihood of what you want actually being able to happen. I could be a saint and ask the universe daily to provide me with a full driving license and a holiday to Aruba, but it’s not going to happen because 1. I’ve never sat behind the wheel of a car and 2. I don’t have nearly enough money to afford to go to Aruba right now. I find I have a better success rate when I ask the universe for a selection of smaller wishes in my life. When I was unemployed it was ‘I could really use getting an interview for this one’ and when life gets pretty hectic I’m always asking for things to calm down and return to normal, which most of the time they do.

If you want to start harnessing the power of the universe, the first thing to do is believe. If I had continued to be a huge sceptic, nothing would have happened. After this, set one one to three things you want to change or add to your life that the universe could help you with. You need to think about these a lot, so it might be an idea to write them down and hang them up somewhere, or even set your goals as your wallpaper on your computer. It may tale some time, but if you are a good person and think about your goals a lot you will find the universe doing its bit to help. Obviously, if there is anything you can do to help speed up the process, do it. If you are hoping for a career change and an opportunity comes your way, say yes and seize the moment.

Right now I’m asking the universe for happiness – this could come in a number of ways and it’s nothing too specific. It has recently been coming in the shape of new friends, great experiences and new projects in work, but I’m excited to see what the universe throws at me next. Who knows, I might just get the opportunity to go to Aruba.

Emily x

2 thoughts on “Asking the Universe to Change Your Life

  1. what an interesting idea, which I’d not heard before. I often think ‘what would **** do?’ like my former boss or the head of my organistion – instirational people – channeling their strengths I guess… it helps me, I think. Bec


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