Hello World

Well this is strange, back to blogging after a good few years off.

Since writing Offbeat Emily and pouring my heart into my content, I have grown up, a lot. It’s crazy to think that it has been so long since I last wrote for an audience off my own back; since my last blogging adventure my only writing has been for clients and the odd publication (fancy, I know.)

I have experienced a lot I didn’t think I would have to in the past few years. I got sacked from two consecutive jobs (one being for my mental health) but I learned a lot about myself and employment law and I also grew a lot from my awful experience.

Last February I got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a day I will never forget. It took just over 5 and a half years for me to get a diagnosis, and I still don’t really have any set help for my condition, but it has meant I’ve had to explore various ways to help myself, getting back into blogging being one of them.

It’s not just negatives, though. I am currently working in the music industry with a fantastic group of people, planning some amazing projects and changing the way the industry views music. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I started my career in marketing many moons ago, and I’m so thrilled to share that I am incredibly settled in my role and I have never been happier in work.

My friendship group has completely changed since I last blogged. I realised friends are the family you get to choose, and by choosing a brand new group of people to surround myself with I have become a lot happier. It is incredibly important to recognise toxic relationships in your life and to find a way to either mend these or leave those people behind. It is nowhere near as easy as I make it out to be, and I did spend a bit of time feeling completely lost when I left a whole friendship group behind, however, I am now in a happy little bubble with a few select close friends who look after me and totally get me (hi guys if you’re reading this).

I suppose this new blog will be my way of educating people about BPD, and will act as my safe haven for my journey to recovery. I’m looking forward to having you all join me.

Stay safe, stay happy and talk soon.

Emily x.jpg

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